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Mathematics INstruction Using Decision Science and Engineering Tools; Sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Directorate for Education and Human Resources; Industrial Engineering, Mathematics Education, and Operations Research Working Together
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Welcome to the Mindset Project for Mathematics Instruction

athematics INstruction using Decision Science and Engineering Tools (MINDSET) uses decision making tools from Industrial and Systems Engineering and Operations Research in a fourth-year high school mathematics curriculum. Principal performance related goals of the project are to improve upon the math students' ability to formulate and solve multi-step problems and interpret results, and to improve students' attitude toward mathematics.

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Getting Started

Click here for a sample of the course materials.

Practical mathematics applications with problems and solutions are featured throughout the course materials. Educators will need a user name and password to gain access to chapters -- continue reading for details.

New to MINDSET ?
If you are not currently part of the MINDSET project then please send a request for information to the MINDSET Project Help Desk. Please describe your request and give MINDSET some information about yourself.

Site Features

The Project menu on the left provides access to the Deterministic and Probabilistic topics.

Participation by educators and feedback is critical to the success of the MINDSET Project, so this site also allows educators to:

  • Search and contribute to a customized knowledge-base
  • Discuss course topics in online community forums
  • Get help through in-person and online technical assistance
  • View instructional videos on module topics

Next Steps

Educators should log in to download course materials, upload chapter evaluations, participate in discussion forums, and access other site features.

To request an account log-in name and password, contact the MINDSET Project Help Desk.